Virilityex Pills: For the Best Performance in Bed

Having a smaller penis can be very detrimental to a man’s sexual life as this directly affects his confidence. For instance, with small penis, a man cannot easily remove his clothes in front of a loved one; neither can he ever feel comfortable wearing swimming suits in the very presence of other ladies. However, with the availability of virilityex pills, men that have smaller penis can now have a reason to smile.

Therefore, by using virilityex pill, your relationship with the loved one will tremendously increase. This is owing to the fact that the pills will give you full erection that will increase your performance in bed. This will in the long run improve your life quality as well as winning the confidence of your loved one.

In order to achieve maximum results with your penis, it is advisable that you take two pill of the virilityex pills daily. The product is manufactured from approved natural ingredients as well as herbs. Besides, it has no harm for anybody who uses it except for those with health issues.

Why Use Sizegenetics to Enhance Penis Growth

The sizegenetics is a male penis enhancement system that involves the use of a penis extender, penis enhancement exercises and a penis stretcher to improve the ability of the penis in performing sexual activities. Some of the benefits derived from the use of this system include;

  • Sexual staying power
  • Improving and controlling ejaculation
  • Encouraging growth of the penis

The sizegenetics has been tested and proven that it is an effective penis enhancement system. The system has been classified among 100 percent safe programs. Unlike other male programs, there is no side effect associated with the application of sizegenetics system.

The sizegenetics has greatly improved and even changed the sexual lives of many people. The system comes with many freebies such as DVDs. There is a 6-money back guarantee given to the purchasers of this system. It is only companies that are confident with their products that can afford to give a six-month money back guarantee for their products. This is an indication that this system is the appropriate program for men out there.

Strengths and weaknesses of men with a large penis

There is perhaps no topic of debate hotter in the sexual wellness category than the correlation between penis size and performance. For decades, most people have held the opinion that larger the size of the penis, better is the sexual satisfaction of women. Despite numerous studies publishing mixed reports where some women say size doesn’t matter and the rest say it does, men in general still haven’t quite got over the idea that having a larger size penis is an absolute necessity for peak sexual performance.

Can there be a penis that’s too big?

While movies, magazines, and commercials for condoms almost always tend to portray that bigger is better, the reality, in fact, speaks differently. Sure, being well hung may give men a certain level of confidence that maybe lacking in those who are not, but on the flip side, women might not take a liking to a larger size quite immediately. So, it can be said that having a large member isn’t always good but on the contrary, it is a mixed bag having both advantages and disadvantages. What are they? Let’s find out.

Strengths of having a large penis

More attractive: First and foremost, many women have admitted that a larger penis is more visually pleasing than a small one. Even men would agree that larger size correlates to more attractiveness as it gives women the impression that they are more manly. But, there’s a catch, the study has also shown that women prefer their men to have a size that is proportionate to their body, meaning a large penis on a person of a smaller built would look unattractive; same applies for larger men having small penises.

Increased confidence: It is a well-established fact that having a larger penis correlates to more confidence among most men. But that’s not to say that people who are average or below average cannot be confident as well. It just means a well-endowed person is more likely to be enthusiastic about seeking relationships and be good at providing sexual pleasure, not because of their size, but because of the confidence they have gained for being well endowed. No wonder the term “hung like a horse” has got such positive attention.

More pleasurable: A longer penis could mean more pleasure for the Lady because it can reach depths smaller sized penises cannot. Mildly stimulating the cervix is an excellent way to give women orgasms and pleasure them thoroughly. The thicker penis also adds to pleasure as the insides of the vagina gets properly filled up. Women who only get orgasms from vaginal stimulation especially enjoy feeling up a large size as clitoral stimulation doesn’t do them much good.

Weaknesses of having a large penis

Wrong attitude about sexual satisfaction: it isn’t hard to find a woman who would complain about a sexual encounter that ended badly. Women often say that men having larger penises carry around a bad attitude towards sex and are less receptive to opinions of their partner when it comes to discussing sexual gratification. This wrong attitude stems from the ingrained idea of bigger always been better. Since these men believe having a large member automatically makes them good in bed, they care less about communicating and actually learning what makes their partner happy.

Female pain: There is no lack of women who are straight up scared of larger sized penises. Why? Because it hurts too much if the vaginal walls are not adequately lubricated. A larger male may miss out on amazing things such as oral or anal sex because the woman may be intimidated by the size. Also, penises that are extra-long may plan to deep inside of the vagina resulting in damage to the cervix and overall and pleasurable sex. Bigger is not always better; hear it from women yourself and you’ll soon be convinced.

Difficulty in maintaining an erection: Some guys having larger members have trouble maintaining an erection because of lack of circulation to keep the penis fully engorged. This is why you may often see porn stars who are extra large have flaccid penises instead of fully erect. Even though this condition is treatable in most cases, people would still not trade their idea of having a fully erect average penis to the flaccid larger one.

Vimax ingredients create a potent formula for penis enlargement!

vimax-frontOver the years, handful of penis enlargement pills has remained popular amongst the males who suffer from sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. Undoubtedly, the best of these penis supplements is Vimax. Since it has offered consistent and successful results, it has emerged as a leader in penis supplements. It is a natural supplement that contains magical ingredients that not only increases the penis size but also improves your sex drive.  Thus, Vimax pills have been marked as a 100% safe herbal supplement for male enhancement.

What makes Vimax pills so popular? Well, it is a consequence of several years of vigorous research that has resulted into these extremely powerful male enhancement pills. The results you get from these pills are permanent. Thus Vimax pills are considered as the most effective sexual enhancer that boosts the blood flow to the penis and makes them stronger and last longer.  If you are tired of crappy treatments you must try these pills. But before that get familiar with the Vimax ingredients that actually creates these magical results.

  • Horny Goat Weed: Popularly known as Epimedium Sagittatum, this ingredient is a major contributor in increasing the sex drive. For centuries, it has been used in Chinese medicine to improve sexual desire.
  • Dodder Seed: Also known as Seman Cuscutae is a parasitic climbing plant found in China and Japan. The seed produced is used as an ingredient to help males having sexual problems like premature ejaculation and impotence.
  • Gingko Biloba: It is an ingredient that increases blood flow to the genitals as well as brain. In Chinese herbal medicine it is one of the key ingredients, which has made a significant place in Vimax ingredients
  • Cayenne Fruit: It is one of the most important Vimax ingredientsthat elongate genitals.
  • Saw Palmetto: It is an ingredient used to stimulate a higher libido.
  • Ginseng: Another very popular ingredient that cause the blood vessels of the penis to grow.

Each of these Vimax ingredients has their significant role in the manufacturing of these magical pills. All of them are natural ingredients which makes these pills safe.